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Toy export enterprises should pay high attention to the United States of America(Hits:) 
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According to the United States of America Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ( CPSIA ), ASTM F963 started in February 10, 2009 has become mandatory federal safety standards, the new version of the effective date for August 14, 2009. Toy safety standard of new edition ( ASTM F963-2008 ) by the American Society for testing and materials published in February 17, 2009. The ASTM standard includes guidelines and test method is composed of two parts, aims to protect children from a wide range of potential toy lead exposure, asphyxia, and potentially dangerous sharp edge. The new version of the changes will include magnets in toys and a number of other potentially dangerous new safety standards.

Among them, according to the United States regulatory requirements, since August 14, 2009, in children's products lead limits will be adjusted to 0.03% ( 300 ppm ). In toys, children's jewelry, furniture and other products by the use of ink painting and coating material in the lead content limit from 0.06% ( 600ppm ) to 0.009% ( 90ppm ), when the coating samples less than 10mg or area of less than 10cm2, there is still a need for detection. But does not include the following components or materials in the total lead content: 1 toys child may not contact parts; 2 do not contact the electronic components ( accessible electronic components based on ROHS immunity; 3 ) some natural materials: jewelry, pearls, wood, natural fibers such as certain metals, alloys; 4: medical steel, precious metal.

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