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The children playing scooters to be careful(Hits:) 
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Scooters and roller skating, you can exercise your baby's sense of balance, agility and coordination ability. Different, skating and more rely on the limbs to maintain balance, scooters rely on both hands to grasp the overall co-ordination of balance, body, waist, arms and legs.

Movement requirements

The handlebars both hands, grasp the can, do not have too tight, so that the the handlebar moves back and forth to adjust the direction; one foot on the car board, the other foot firmly on the ground back pedal until the car to go up on the groundfoot lift or taxiing on the car board; pedal the faster the frequency, Energizer larger the car runs, the faster; stop the car if you want to stop the car brakes slowly glide foot, etc.before landing.

Adapt to age: more than three and a half

More than three and a half children can learn the scooter, before school, it is best to have the experience of riding a tricycle, easy baby to master the skills of the handlebar to control the car's steering; children use scooters, baby will soon be able to master the method of bicycle taxihelp future bicycle riding two wheels.


The handlebar height should be slightly lower with the child's chest, which will help baby grip too high baby is not conducive to the control of the handlebars too low to use long will feel tired.

Normally, the handlebar and body into a vertical direction only bend when twisting the handlebar, if the handlebar always turn left or turn right, the car will be in one direction circling baby easy Wrestling. Of course, easy to fall down and wheel size, material use is also related, large wheels and a soft material, the greater the role of buffer, encountered small ditch or uneven road a lot safer.

Select the relatively few people, relatively flat ground, the best asphalt or concrete pavement, the sport should not be done on the smooth marble floor; should moderate speed.

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